terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Uma roulotte transformada em mostruário de livros foi à Escola. Os bebés acotevelavam-se para ver. Uma colega de Português indicou-me este livro de Jeff Kinney. Li uma ou duas páginas, pareceu-me bom humor. Por uma vez um livro sem as pieguices dos livros de jovens. Na Amazon há um mar de críticas favoráveis. Uma leitora, que apenas dá uma estrela ao livro, escreve nesse site: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" sets out to recount what real life is like for young boys, which it does in many ways, but misses every opportunity to present morality lessons for the reader. The day-to-day actions and thoughts of the main character are not presented as wrong or right, but as the-way-it-is, which does a disservice to young readers and parents searching for books that their kids will want to read. While adults may laugh out loud at some of the antics in this book, kids may be left with the impression that calling other kids "morons" is an appropriate attitude and reasonable form of expression. Bullying younger kids is presented as a "right-of-age" rather than an act to be discouraged. I suppose with TV and movies pushing the envelope of good manners, "children's literature" will naturally follow. This book does not appeal to the better angels in us, but appeals to the lowest common denominator. Anyone searching for books to enrapture their young boys should pick up the works of Mark Twain. Those stories appeal to the mischievous side of boys while clearly demonstrating right and wrong behavior. They also tackle social issues still relevant today." Esta crítica recebe o seguinte comentário: "This a book to read together then, yes? and discuss what it right and wrong. That is specifically why my child found it so amusing. He knew some of the stuff that kid did was "wrong" and "forbidden" at our house. Books and movies help escape to fantasy land. I guess it depends on the child and the maturity level. " Interessante.

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